“It is easy to live inside a bubble until it becomes opaque and hard, and before you can escape you are trapped inside a marble and condemned to be lost in a gutter or under a child’s bed.”


Double Bind – Jimmi Campkin & Basilike Pappa

“I drag a pen over her bare thigh and write all the things I want to do to her. She laughs and grabs my wrist, crossing out the ones that will never happen”


Interzone (via Sudden Denouement)

“She cups my hands, blows warm air into my palms and kisses my forehead. In those moments I forget that I have ever felt cold in my life”


The School For The Dying (via Free Verse Revolution)

“When I wake up, my room is a deep pink from the sunlight passing through the cherry blossoms that cover this place. It never fails to give me a warm feeling inside, as though the rays are diluted through the petals and into the cells on my bare arms and legs”


There’s A Rhino Loose In The City

“Sitting on a stool I order my first beer and lean over to a man with eyes as pale as milk, and a malformed head resting on a lumpy carcass like too many potatoes crammed into a sack”



When We Were Tigers (via Free Verse Revolution)

Quarry (via Free Verse Revolution)

The Cost Of Endings Is Sunlight


For The Love Of The System (via Free Verse Revolution)

Photosynthesis (via 1ForSorrow)

Ripe (via Sudden Denouement)

Yellow Marzipan



Collar (via Free Verse Revolution)


Phalanx (via Sudden Denouement)

“Maybe we are the people society forgot, or maybe we were a mistake from God – tossed over his shoulder towards the waste basket but bouncing off the rim and crawling, evolving on the floor in our own way; born out of lost bacteria in the gutter”


A Love Letter To An Autumn Thunderstorm

“I know the songs we both loved have been extinguished from her mind and it terrifies me, so I keep them alive in my own mind.”


The Effortless Brass (via Sudden Denouement)

“The Boy’s earliest memory was watching a fox with a broken leg trapped in an old oil drum, slowly starving to death…”


Dead Boxes

“In this light you aren’t slumped anymore, but elegant and wise, your jawline casting deep shadow over the nape of a pale, spotted neck. I feel like an astronaut, peering out of the capsule window over a foreign landscape, looking for a safe place to touch down.”



“I see empty men and indifferent women, just so many appendages and openings, no more atuned to love as the assembly instructions for furniture..”


Shinbone (via Sudden Denouement)

“Nothing moved except the wind and the water; and two undernourished, hopelessly drunk, hopelessly pale little tadpoles in the dark green of a midnight dip.”



“I haven’t slept since 1991 and I refuse to as long as your face keeps appearing.”



“She broke my ribs last week.  As I crouched, doubled up and breathless, she pointedly remarked; ‘if it makes you feel better, I can feel it too… and it hurts.’  She was dangling upside down from a tree at the time.”



“The Marlboro remains in his mouth, unlit, as he stares into the floor. I realise how little he looks like James Dean.”



“It’s hard knowing someone who only comes out at night. I walk alleyways and shopping centres, fields and forests, trying to find the point of it all, waiting for the sun to die and my hope to rise.”



“I step away from the encroaching zombies and start firing the light gun wildly at a ten year old boy trying to play Virtua Cop on the machine next to mine.  He has red eyes and sounds like James Earl Jones, and I know he is controlling the monsters and so must be destroyed.”


Rotten Leaves

“We usually fuck in fields of freshly cut grass to hide the smells; warm iron and bad breath, sweat and yellow fingernails.”


Devil’s Whisper

“er parents once told her she was an accident, and as the years tumbled by she grew into a catastrophe.”



“I go home, drink three fifths of vodka, take the car out to an out of town drive-thru burger joint. The young man with the broken voice behind the broken speaker can’t smell my breath…”



“I can’t read your arm, but I feel your breathing quickening. I stroke your cheek and check your racing pulse and this is all I need to know.”



“Ghosts glide through walls, but you hide every day behind walls, and trees and cars, ready to pounce when I am unaware.  And I am always unaware.”


Green Flames

“The Boy was born to take drugs, if only because he made more sense that way.”



“She’s like every autumnal daydream, but with hairier armpits and an infected toe.”


Tangerine Eyes

“There’s dog shit on my shoes, my jeans, under my armpits and behind my ears. It’s been an odd day.”



“There’s an old woman in the bookies, who always sits at the same fruit machine with a beret and a packet of sandwiches.”


Back Hare

“His first blow knocks my jaw out of its socket and I sink to my knees. I know that I won’t die today, but I need to be as dead as possible for the next five minutes or so.”


Oily Jeans

“The Boy is translucent as he approaches me. Like a new born fish, his organs shimmer and float behind the gelatinous transparent frame of his indistinct figure.”



“Your shit, sweat and cum could fertilize dead soil.”



“Then I hear the voice; a young woman with the rasp of a fifteen year cigarette career…”



“I’ve never touched LSD, but when I watched you dance I saw the bars of the music rolling through you like shaken paper.”


Dance Dance Dance

“The boy’s breath smelled like a shipwreck. Despite this and many other handicaps, I found him to be engaging.”


The Envy Machine

“I’m comfortable here. You can’t be judged by the judged; it’s like trying to multiply zeroes.”



“It is easy to forgive when you have no one else except a woman who tattoos you with a rusty knitting needle and a cigarette lighter.”



“This is probably the fifth time this evening I’ve told you to stop setting fire to my legs.”