250 Words

A collection of flash fiction stories, all exactly 250 words long.

“Our bare, dirty feet hung into the abyss, as curious animals peered up to see whether we were a threat or just angels.”

“We always tried to be angels, but her smile made me want to spit in the face of God.

Crimson Lips
“In the long grass burned spoons and aerosol cans, all the pathetic detritus of a people that have failed their home.

“In this dank, ruined iron shelter, I live for colours.

“She has a voice that shatters memory.  Every time I hear it, I forget another birthday.

Kneeling In Jumpers
“The footprints end where the tide breaks on the sand.

She Only Kisses On Thursdays
“She hides one eye behind a torrent of thick, globulous, dyed hair.

“That old church, where the chicken bones were trussed together into crosses…”

“…too many people, with whom she forms intimate connections with, end up dead.  And it isn’t always her fault.

“Keep the mind private.  Keep the thunder rumbling..

“I arranged the sticks into a pentagram, before ripping a hole in your fishnets

“…the cotton nightgown goes back on, a symbol of such obscenely misused innocence it makes me laugh…”

“I talk into the bricks, quietly but firmly, picking words that make my chest vibrate and my throat wobble.

Death Sun
“My hand passes through God, and I’m left with dew sparkles on my arm hair.

Lavender Winter
“I’ve climbed the tallest hills to run my fingers through the clouds…”

“Bright sunshine floods the disinterested couple with anxiety...

God forgets.  God turns a blind eye.  But only She forgives.

White Path
“Everyone chose their way to die.  We smashed up a shop and stole a crate of wine.

Theory Of The Insects
“It’s hungry work being this unpopular.

“love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage… one being whipped just to drag the other.”

“There’s a wide green field, and in the middle a single dead tree

Moon Dust
“In silence I strain to hear more but they hide like midday shadows in the trees

“I know I’m going to break her heart.  I just don’t know how I can do it gently

This Is Not Enough
“We mingle but we don’t kiss.  We never, ever kiss.

“Two kids against two tonnes of round men, who knew?  She did.

“Climbing on a little table, I look out of a window across the dim yellow lights of a cold town.

“I look ahead, edging closer to salvation, when something cuts across the light...

Dance Of The Nights
“Later, we danced in a circle to remove his sins.  Arms linked, he lost his blazer and his mind.

“She once told me, very forcefully; entropy and decay are two different things.

“I stare at my feet hanging over the tiled floor, and imagine myself sitting on the edge of a skyscraper.

“Her blood slows, her eyes blink once a day and then once a week

“He’s sitting next to me, cross-legged, so I scoop some dirt in my fingers and make a small pile on his knee

“Inside the nightclub under the bypass.  It’s rough – there’s trouble outside; inside, the lights flicker as trucks rumble on the ceiling.

“Then he turned his back on the sea, churning white on the rocks below, spread out his arms and fell backwards

“…his monument is a plastic red rose faded white by the sun, strapped to a nearby fence.

Double Yellows
“I forget how cold my hands feel when she isn’t holding one of them.

“I woke up staring at little beams of light through the green canopy.  I could taste soil and iron

“His watering eyes click with mine.  I suddenly realise; I’m looking at the same pathetic face his mother saw many times…”

“He hands me the little yellow box with a big red button.  Hell of a way to celebrate a 45th – blowing up a bridge…”

“Naked from the waist down we sprinted away; she charging through a bed of stinging nettles and myself vaulting over a barbed wire fence

“Often, in these deep dark periods, she will mutter her ex-boyfriends name.  But it doesn’t bother me, because I’m still the luckiest man alive

Theme Park
“Our ears rang with silence and our tread left no footprint.  Your ungloved hands were warm on my cheek

“I want to climb into the huge cardboard box in the corner and make weird noises…”

“Giggling and afraid, horny and frozen, we scooted against a wall pushing the bottles and cans aside.

“He had to burn because the locals wanted to see if purity could be ignited.

“He tells me, I’d move mountains for you baby. I don’t like the baby.  I don’t know where he learned it…”

“I’m keeping an eye on the old soak with fists like a pair of crushed cars…”

“I can’t really explain why I put my friend in a coffin and threw him in the river

“As our cells multiply and die, I can’t even look at my hand and pretend that I can still see where your prints interlocked with mine

“you now pose like a dishevelled swan – wrinkled t-shirt, last night’s wet knickers, one sock, two days growth on your legs

“Your lapdance around the spire was bizarre.  Uncordinated.  You stripped like a propeller…flinging clothes and limbs everywhere.

Painted Fingernails
“My deity was flesh; three day old mascara, a taste of cigarettes and last night’s bourbon and coke

“Later, under a turquoise sky, we lie on the grass as the insects devour us

As We Grow Transparent
“As it swirls around me, I realise; even Mother Nature is giving you a standing ovation.

“You’ve got a big mouth and a red heart, and that’s why we are running away.

“The bus judders to a halt and a young couple get on.  He’s an exquisite boy, and she is not bad either, all pink dreadlocks and piercings.

“I knew my fingernails were dirty and I didn’t want to fill her with tiny stones

“She thinks we are butterflies in a scrapyard looking for flowers, but right now I’m just looking for dawn.

“The piano still stood there, anxious and loitering, a timid date waiting for its parents in a rough part of town.

“…bored to the infantile prattlings of the damnless, people so witless that they couldn’t sin if they tried, unless the sin was to be fireless.

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