Meal for Two

Love…. the Real Earthly Love…. no flowers, scented letters and grand gestures… just the natural chemistry of Bruised Shins and Growling Bellies.

S. K. Nicholas


Entering the store, we jumped up and down to warm ourselves. To others, we looked beyond excited when really, we were shivering and frozen to the bone. When she reached out her hand and pressed it against my face, I couldn’t help but yelp like a beaten dog. Her flesh was ice-cold, so I took her fingers and rubbed them against mine. Sticking out her lower lip, she pined and pretended to cry, but a minute or so later we were no longer in pain but growing toasty from my suggestive rubbing and the industrial-sized heater blowing on us from above. Aisle after aisle sprawled out before us, and the scent of fresh food made my belly rumble. Looking at X, she had her eyes closed and was sniffing the air with a grin on her face. With her leading me by the hand, we moved around glancing at…

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One comment on “Meal for Two

  1. S_MW says:

    Beautifully introduced, Jimmi.

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