Birth of the Universe

Stephen weaves magic, and takes us into the uncanny valley… not as a man lost but a man who knows what’s there.

S. K. Nicholas


Sips her vodka and coke and lies there fantasizing about neck kisses and hands on her thighs that inch higher and higher. Lights her smoke and sees herself swirling through the air like a falling leaf spinning faster and faster the closer she gets to the ground. She goes this way and that. She slips through a chain-link fence and finds herself in the beak of a bird that carries her into the waiting sky above. Up up and away she goes. Up into the clouds to some great magical tree where everything feels as green as the gardens of her childhood that glow behind her stony eyes. Touching herself to an ambient soundtrack that sounds like a soundtrack to the birth of the universe, she moans and groans and opens her mouth to the ceiling feeling love work its way right through her. There’s blood beneath her fingernails. It’s…

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