5 A.M Decisions

Stormy nights, stormy minds.
The sun sets, and I’m alone.
I want it to be quiet but it isn’t.
It’s all so loud.
Yes, I’ll miss the view.
The top of the city, and the endless sky.
But views are views, peaceful or not.
I am leaving you.
And yes, of course, it hurts my soul.
My teacher, my companion, my maker, maybe.
My partner in crime, we never needed anyone, did we?
Running towards you, arms outstretched, I embraced nothing, the nothing.
Now I am running back to something, a something.
And no regrets, no, of course not, my dear.
But I want it…different.

In my home I feel homeless.
In my home I feel homeless.
In my life I feel lifeless.

What else do you want from me?
Bye, I said.
It is not entirely your fault, and I am sorry you must suffer from…

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2 comments on “Bye

  1. Sometimes, you just have to, sever your heart off from that certain someone that keeps your heart in her/his hands, because you know that the person is not right, or good for you…

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