4 comments on “Fragrance – A Photo Entry

  1. S_MW says:

    These are spectacular and so inspiring to me. I love that you see things in the same way as I do…it’s a thrill.

    • jimmicampkin says:

      Thank you so much. A quick look in your Instagram and I agree… I think we have the same Eye and it’s exciting to see such. I particularly love your shots of people caught in a moment. It’s what I wish I did more of.

      • S_MW says:

        Thanks so much, Jimmi. I used to wish the same as all my photos were people-free. It changed when I researched street photography in College and realised that it was my preferred type of photography. I love silhouettes of people. You do that really, really well!

      • S_MW says:

        Thank you for the likes on there, Jimmi. I don’t know why I wasn’t already following you, to be honest.

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