Sanctuary II


Sanctuary II is here.

As with Sanctuary, it is a combination of my pictures and my writing.  Please click here if you wish to purchase a copy.

5 comments on “Sanctuary II

  1. S_MW says:

    I am just awaiting delivery of the first (very excited) but hope to buy the 2nd when I can. Could I ask if you used InDesign or if you had it done for you?

    • jimmicampkin says:

      Firstly, thank you very much for buying Sanctuary!

      I’m producing the books through, and they have a design tool that you can download to personalise your works to the finest detail. Once you’ve finalised your design, they produce and distribute it themselves, and they give you whatever mark up on the price that you want and transfer it to your PayPal.

      • S_MW says:

        Thanks for all that info. I had a quick look and saw what you’ve just explained about, but I also downloaded the InDesign PDF tool – I’ve got experience with DTP & ID, so SHOULD know what I’m doing!! I’m the biggest procrastinator…

      • jimmicampkin says:

        I am a colossal Luddite and generally stupid, so everything you’ve just said has sailed over my hair! I hope I was of some help, but it sounds like you are already light years ahead of me anyway…

      • S_MW says:

        Ha! Gawd NO. What I lack is the confidence. I admire you for having the vision and for getting your work published.

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