“I hear faint voices from up the narrow stairs, a light behind a pulled-to door. If I really am here to be beaten up or anything else, I’m basically fucked. Either way, I can deal with it right now, the mood I’m in.”

spiderhair tuesday

But there’s a while to wait before the next AMAGO meeting.  Long enough to meet up with Bose for another few rounds before he goes round back again.  Dunno why he keeps up the habit, he never seems that keen.  Anyway, I tell him about AMAGO and he’s certain I’ve good as copped it.

-I’m telling you, don’t check it out yourself.  I’d get the police involved if I were you, they’re looking to beat one of you up just for doing your job.

-If that’s right then why’s the ‘prentice in on it?

-I dunno, but the other guy he mentioned fucking spat at you.  That doesn’t sound like someone who’s likely to wanna do you a favour, you know what I mean?

-Look, in the unlikely event this kind of group could be bothered with any of that, I can defend myself.

-Not against a gang of them…

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