Hold You

S. K. Nicholas


You’ve got the huff and the puff and you keep trying to lose me but I’ve a hold of your hand and won’t let go. You tell me you’re going to leave, that you’ve had enough of me, but you’re just hungry and I know by the look in your eyes that once you’ve eaten you’ll be fine. So we head to the McDonald’s near the second-hand store where I buy my games. By the time we get there you’re dragging your feet and I pretty much have to carry you. Head lowered and hair covering your face, you think I can’t see you grinning. Think that you’ve got away with it, but I can see your games from a mile away, girl. Tickling you under the arms as we head inside, you spring back to life and hit me with your handbag. Laughing as you stamp your feet, I put…

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