Sudden Denouement, The Sanctuary Project

We interrupt the literature to bring you two little bits of Real Life News from behind the desk of Jimmi P F Campkin…


I am both humbled and honoured to be chosen as a member of the SD community, a Global Divergent Literary Collective; featuring some remarkably talented writers (and myself.)  I urge all of you whom are not already aware of it to visit the website and have a look, subscribe, follow and support, and personally I would like to offer a thank you to Jasper and the team.


The Sanctuary Project

I am currently in the process of editing and designing a pair of photobooks, that I hope to be available at some point during January 2018.  This will not just be a collection of my photos, but I also intend to include pieces of my writing to accompany some of the pictures – both on a seperate page and actually within the images themselves.  Some of the pieces will be from my recent 250 Word Project, and others will be snippets and snapshots from my longer and earlier stories.  The hope, once I have decided on what pieces of writing to use, is to create a relationship between the words and the images I have carefully selected from the past four or five years of being an amateur photographer.

As a little, badly-shot-on-a-phone preview, here are the two front and back covers to date….


It’s going to be tricky marketing a photobook, as by their nature they tend to be expensive to produce and therefore expensive to buy.  And I want to create something of quality, but also something that people will feel happy to purchase.

But ultimately, this isn’t about me making money.  I know I’m going to be working 12 hour shifts in the hotel for a little while longer yet.  This is really the next stage in me trying to put my work out there.  I’ve tried, and so far failed, to sell my pictures as large prints and framed works.  This is something that can be more cheapy purchased and, more importantly, more easily shipped.  Even if I make nothing from them, if a few people were to buy them and (much more importantly) to find something from my images and my words that touches them or inspires them in some way, it would mean everything.

It’s all we ever want after all, whether we deal in words, music or pictures.  To connect.

Ever since I started thinking about writing as a career, I’ve long had a romantic attachment to having my work available as a physical copy.  Around the time the Kindle was released, a lot of people kept telling me to self-published and distribute electronically.  But, as SK Nicholas and many others will testify, there is nothing like holding your work in your hands, thumbing through your pages and seeing your name on a spine next to your inspirations.

I will post further news when I am close to releasing Sanctuary I and II, including the link from which it can be obtained.  But for now – since it’s near the holidays and I am speaking directly rather than through the voices of my many deranged, damaged and beautiful characters – I would like to say, personally…

Merry Celebrations to you,

A happier 2018 (politically, personally, productively…) to you,

And thank you for reading and following.

Without your eyes, my words get terribly lonely.

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