Inside, out


I watch as our hands intertwine. How his hand rests on my abdomen when he makes my back arch and how we’re covered in golden rays from above. We, as one, in a world not far from our own. Just clips of us, orgasms, and drops of water flicker inside, and out, inside, and out. A temporary escape before I heard the news of Vegas. My day didn’t go as usual. I didn’t pick my favorite mug labeled Sister, Or, start the Keurig for my first cup of decaffeinated Earl Grey. I didn’t power up my computer to unlock the words etched across the moon. The only thing I did was sleep. And when I woke up, I stuffed my mouth with cream cheese eggs and dragged myself to the closest coffee shop. When I got there I ordered the seasonal squash soup and an orange scone with icing on…

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