Little Man

Kinetic, breathtaking violence. Like a train entering a tunnel and sucking out all the oxygen.

S. K. Nicholas


Darting from car to car, she scampers around in the darkness avoiding my best efforts at finding her. It’s pissing down with rain, and if she doesn’t come in soon, she’ll be soaked and will catch a cold. But we’ve argued, and she’s staying out to prove a point. She caught me looking at porn when I thought she was in the shower, you see. Sat there at my desk, I had positioned myself just right and clicked on a video that took my fancy. I won’t go into details, but when she came in looking for her brush and saw me at it while some dirty blonde was doing something to a certain part of a man’s body, she saw red and went in for the kill. Nails at the ready, she clawed my face and knocked me off my chair. Luckily, I landed the right way, for if…

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