It came as no surprise to me that he would be caught

Trousers around his ankles

Hips deep in the buzzing remains of a sheep carcass.

You knew?

I didn’t know.  I didn’t pre-dick it.

You can’t second guess that kind of nonchalent depravity.

I just had a feeling.  A…





It made sense for that kind of person to throw themselves into

Maggots and decay.

Ah, fingerquotes.


And, Decay.



And disease.

I think they can be saved.


From destruction.




An exclamation.

A full stop before a sentence.

They can’t be saved.  You know why?

I’ll tell you.

Because, they don’t realise that they need to be rescued.

You can’t rescue someone….

….who doesn’t realise they are in trouble


I find your attempts at conquest pitiful.

You are lacking.

You cannot invade our worlds.

You don’t have the weaponary.

You don’t have the goods.  

Maps are pointless.

Directions are meaningless and vague without context.

I align according to the lines in the floor.

I set fire to the things that inhibit me.

I burn down all the walls….

….and relatives

….that enable me to breathe in tears.  I look for tranquility everywhere.

….stop laughing!

I look for tranquility.

I just want peace.

Look over there.  A sunset.  A couple of lovers.

With erectile dysfunction and a galloping yeast infection.

Bit harsh.  I like his hat.

I’m going to set fire to more things tonight.  I’m going to burn things.


I had sex with a coffee machine last night.

Ignore my sighs.

Do go on.



See this torch.  Watch me as I swirl it around my head.


….I’m watching.

See me swirl.  See the embers fly.  See the stars flung from galaxies.

See the thistle burn.  See the fruit wither and die.

See the corn.

Turn into engine oil.

For machines that no longer exist.

Imagine being the last organ donor, in a world of extinction.

What a fruitless life.

I’m standing clear.  You may ignite me.  Watery though I remain.



Carnage and insults.

Those are two different things, in the titanium mind.



Yeah, exactly.

Existence on a chart.

So where is the originality?

Watch me do this.


Watch me piss on this wall.

I’ve pissed on many walls, I don’t need to…

Look at my cock or I will burn you.

Look at my piss.

Look at the steam.

Look at the yellow.

I’m so dehydrated.

I’m so infected.

So much discharge, it’s like treacle.

..oh god…

Itchy treacle in my shaft.

Watch me piss.

Watch me piss.


I’m watching.  Man, that’s sick.  Oh Jesus that’s full of corruption.

You are deranged from brain to balls.

Your bellend is rotten.

Now, let’s grab some lunch.

I’m shivering.  I have goosebumps.


I have never felt so alive.


I see.  Your legs are….


Everything is….


You’ve finished?

I’ve finished.  I’ve left a stain.  Most leave a puddle.  That’s a stain.

Does it hurt?

….it itches.

But it doesn’t burn.

We have moments to leave.

Moments can last for years.

Do we have years?

We have minutes.

The flames are exaggerating.

My boots are melting.

I am sweating.

My shoulders are smouldering.

I can only smell cremation.

I have time.

You can go.

I want to sit and think.

I want to ask the fire, if it has…

…a cure for the itch.



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