The skies open up to let the rain come down so I open my mouth the way he makes me and catch as many raindrops from heaven as I can. My stomachs been bothering me again, along with the head aches, but I’m still ticking. Reminds me of childhood when I got to have one of my birthdays at McDonald’s and Ronald McDonald showed up just to watch me blow out my candles. If I remember correctly, that was right before I threw up into a bag my mom was holding.  Now I’m laid up, once again, during all the excitement. I beg him not to turn me on because it will just make my tumtum turn. So he runs to the kitchen to find saltines and ginger. I don’t want either but I can’t refuse his efforts. He rubs my back and tells me stories til I’ve drifted into my…

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2 comments on “Blugh

  1. daffniginger says:

    Thanks so much. 😀

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