All of My Yeahs

S. K. Nicholas


I bite your lips, and I sing your songs, and when the moment feels just right, I give you all of my yeahs. Is it a nice gesture, or am I being seedy? Is this a storm or is it just one of those things? Did we meet by chance and there’s nothing more to it, or was there something at play the likes of which we’ll never begin to understand? Whenever we touch, there’s this charge, and even when we don’t speak and hate each other’s guts, it’s right there where it needs to be just waiting to come alive. I’m haunted by our collision much the same as I am by the rest of the memories of my life that just won’t rest. For others, they appear to come and go, but for me, it’s all on the same page, dancing like a junky in need of a…

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