Today, I was going to give you a photo entry of my trip back to York.  I packed fresh batteries, I had my camera around my neck… and then York pounced on me.  Grabbed me by the lapels, pushed me into a shop doorway and started with the heavy petting.  Suddenly, I forgot all about photos.  I snapped this shot with my iPhone, in a moment of peace. 

I lived in York for four years, and spent some of my best years there.  I long to go back one day.  I really apologise for this next bit; I’m sober and self contained and may well delete it in the morning regardless.  But here it is, as wanky as it gets.

My heart is buried under a mound in Bedfordshire; my soul still walks the cobbles of York. 

2 comments on “York

  1. Magda says:

    Like your trip to London. No photos because of the beauty of the city.

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