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A Global Divergent Literary Collective

On the edge of the room his hands tighten around my neck. That is when I have so much to say. Finding words is a fragile thing for me. And when my eyes cross everything flits away along with my energy. I am silence. Death taunting him for just a sip of his…. The race. The cow on her side swollen still milking. Drained with history. With talks of saving the world. I feel my eyes twitch behind the lids. I see the men I’ve danced into the bedroom for proof. For proof of my existence. I exist I exist I EXIST. Then I don’t. Not anymore. Not lifefull or lifeless. Silenced. Floating. Not suffering/just quiet. And when they apply the straps to hold me down my heart pounds speak speak speakValium- 10mg administered at 2:45am by TJspeak speak speakValium- 10mg administered at 3am by TJ Restraints applied-…

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Coming soon: Sudden Denouement Anthology Volume I

We’re herrrrreeee….

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

Anthology Cover clean

“One of the delights of this collection is the sheer diversity of voices, unconstrained, with differing syntax, forms, loss of form, deliberate omissions and styles, one moment you are reading a condensed prose-poem about the origin of life, the next a confessional bleeding rip from the heart about love and drugs. Nowhere else in modern collections have I found such a mélange of tongues, all begging questions, responses, emotions, some disgust, horror, desire. Volume 1 is a true kaleidoscope of the human experience, doused in realism and the phantasmagoric with absolutely no brake fluid.”                                                                                                                …

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Confessions of a street-martyr

Murder Tramp Birthday


Why hello! Didn’t see you there!
Was I in your way?

Hello, it’s me, the girl whose ass you slapped in the checkout queue.
Hello, I’m the one you held down on the pub floor while taking pictures of my cleavage with your iPad.
Yes, it’s me, walking bag of estrogen and fat
soft eyeballs fumbling, testing, determining my worth
barely human,
heavy with gazes
(Have you seen her? You just can’t help but wonder what her cup size is, can you?)
stuffed like a turkey with scalpels and lies and everything nice.
It’s me,
powdered cheeks and blood red lipstick
and volumized lengths that couldn’t possibly hide a brain
reckless mannequin girl
loafing around, being an easy target
all young and shallow and ripe
with self-deprecation
oh do you want me sir please tell me that you want me
I couldn’t bear to inflict this primal hunger

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Birth of the Universe

Stephen weaves magic, and takes us into the uncanny valley… not as a man lost but a man who knows what’s there.

S. K. Nicholas


Sips her vodka and coke and lies there fantasizing about neck kisses and hands on her thighs that inch higher and higher. Lights her smoke and sees herself swirling through the air like a falling leaf spinning faster and faster the closer she gets to the ground. She goes this way and that. She slips through a chain-link fence and finds herself in the beak of a bird that carries her into the waiting sky above. Up up and away she goes. Up into the clouds to some great magical tree where everything feels as green as the gardens of her childhood that glow behind her stony eyes. Touching herself to an ambient soundtrack that sounds like a soundtrack to the birth of the universe, she moans and groans and opens her mouth to the ceiling feeling love work its way right through her. There’s blood beneath her fingernails. It’s…

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5 A.M Decisions

Stormy nights, stormy minds.
The sun sets, and I’m alone.
I want it to be quiet but it isn’t.
It’s all so loud.
Yes, I’ll miss the view.
The top of the city, and the endless sky.
But views are views, peaceful or not.
I am leaving you.
And yes, of course, it hurts my soul.
My teacher, my companion, my maker, maybe.
My partner in crime, we never needed anyone, did we?
Running towards you, arms outstretched, I embraced nothing, the nothing.
Now I am running back to something, a something.
And no regrets, no, of course not, my dear.
But I want it…different.

In my home I feel homeless.
In my home I feel homeless.
In my life I feel lifeless.

What else do you want from me?
Bye, I said.
It is not entirely your fault, and I am sorry you must suffer from…

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Introducing the Launch of Sudden Denouement Publishing’s New Site

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

The editors of Sudden Denouement are proud to announce the launch of a stand-alone site for Sudden Denouement Publishing.  It is the place to get the latest news about upcoming books from Sudden Denouement Publishing (including our exciting Sudden Denouement Anthology!), check out currently available titles, read reviews of books published by SD Publishing, and find out how to submit manuscripts for consideration.

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